three one acts

"An Evening Of Reflection, Sorrow, And Mirth" offers three one act plays that are sure to entertain as well as make one laugh, cry, and think. The Last Deal imagines the final days of the last Tsar of Russia, Nicholas II. Since the Revolution, rumors have abounded that one of the Tsars children survived the execution of the Romanov family. This play provides a look at what circumstances could have allowed one of the children to live through this horrible event. Nicholas is given an option that one life shall be spared. Be it his own, his wife, or one of his children. But only one. Nicholas spends his harrowing last night trying to decide who it shall be.The other two plays of the collection are equally thought provoking. A Proud Man Stands Alone portrays a pride full man who is brought to ruin by his own faults, while The Maiden And The Scoundrel is an Oscar Wilde inspired farce about a man of virtue, and one of vice who come to conflict over a young maiden.