A new archeological discovery in the Bahira desert in Egypt sparks excitement when the inscription on the door is translated to proclaim that "This is the resting place of the Gods" With everything being a media event in this relatively new century, a plan has come together to open the tomb 'live' on international television.
A camera crew and the show’s host follows the archeological team as they remove the door, and descend into the caverns beneath the sands that will lead them to the tomb itself. Once they arrive at the ante-chamber, they discover there are in fact three unadorned stone sarcophagi, each one made of the same unusual green lime-stone that line the walls. With no name inscription to mark who lies within, but only repeated warnings to those who would 'disturb the seal', they can not be certain if this truly is the burial place of the gods, and if so, whether they are here, or elsewhere, hidden below or within the depths. Further complicating matters, the hieroglyphs that are present include many additional and rarely seen symbols, making translation slow and incomplete. Nevertheless, the needs of the live televised satellite broadcast has its own demands on their time, insisting that they continue on despite this limited understanding. Though they have any way of knowing who or what is within the coffins. the archeologists are filmed as they unseal the three sarcophagi, and reveal what is inside for the first time in aeons.
Only too late, the mistake they made is clear. A key symbol had been mistranslated, which in correction, results in a drastic difference in interpretation. The glyph taken to refer to 'old gods' was more accurately meant to be 'the elder beings' just as 'from the heavens' appeared more succinctly 'from beyond the stars'; yet their greatest misconception was in confusing the depiction indicating 'tomb' or 'entombed,' which instead should be read as 'imprisoned'---though not 'trapped', but rather, 'bound.' For this was no burial place, in fact, but a prison. As the barrier is breached and the lid lifted off the first sarcophagus, this code is broken; revealing the truth that the old gods are not so much gods, but otherworldly entities that had been imprisoned here, centuries ago.
And now, they are about to be released!



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