On October 12, 1992, Cairo is rocked by the worst earthquake in Egypt's modern history. Homes are destroyed, high rise buildings come crashing down, and countless lives are torn asunder. On the outskirts of the city, an ancient mosque has been disturbed.

And something has awakened.

In the tradition of the classic Mummy legend, a curse has been unleashed upon the world for the violation of yet another tomb. But this time the mummy is no ordinary walking dead. This is a spirit consumed with a thirst for vengeance and justice. It is a hunter of great power, having the strength of the elements at its command. It's very body is formed of Earth and sand, while its rage crumbles cities about him. When it comes into its powers in full, the curse states, it will have legions of angry dead under its control.

Out of the wreckage that is Cairo, two men come together to attempt to prevent this from happening. But on is just a boy who has lost everything he ever had, while the other has spent a lifetime chasing ghosts among the ruins of antiquity. They must first solve the riddle of the curse to discover how to put its terror to an end. And all the while the mummy continues its rampage of destruction; hunting down any who had violated its tomb, or any of the remaining family of those who had transgressed in the past.

This plight leads them to America, where an innocent couple slated for the creature's vengeance are unknowingly going about their lives. Can the two Egyptians put an end to the curse before it's too late?

Or will the dead and the damned truly rise again.




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