HELP: an anthology of horror, fantasy, and SF

                     benefiting Preditors and Editors

This anthology includes Christopher Treagus’ short story, “Little Deaths“, as well as a wide selection of horror, dark fantasy and science fiction tales from some of the genre’s best up and coming authors–all of them originals, the first time in print.

All the proceeds from the sales of this book went to benefit the Preditors and Editors legal fund.  Each contributor appearing in the anthology also donated their royalty to the fund. Preditors and Editors is a website that provides a valuable service to writers, new and seasoned, by compiling information on editors, publishers, agents, and contests, to help writers know who is legitimate, and who is out there just to scam an unknowing and trusting author.

“Prisoners of Time”  is a collection of Speculative Fiction from seven genre writers, each with stories set around the themes of prisoners and time, in some form or another.  Ranging from Science Fiction to Horror, the collected tales cover a range of concepts and styles of Speculative Fiction. Each author also has at least one novel in print at time of this publication, for which this collection also served as a sample that might help promote these books, by allowing readers the chance to learn and read more of any that they are already aware or, and to discover new authors that they might not otherwise have heard of, as well.

Christopher Treagus’ story in the collection, “What Price To Be A God”  is both a kind of prequel and backstory to his first novel, “The Hunting Sorrow,” revealing the origins of the curse that is unleashed in that book, and how Setp N Re Mery Amun came to be placed under it, so as later to become the-one-who-hunts-in-sorrow, or, the hunting sorrow…

Numerous other stories have appeared in both print and online sources, magazines, webzines, and literary websites. Many of these were collected in Christopher Treagus’ short story collection published in 2008 by Stone Garden Publishing, “Building A Better Monster and Other Stories“,  which featured the novella version of the title story, (recently re-issued in an expanded form as a  full novel by Barking Rain Press). 

The other stories collected in the Stone Garden edition are “What Price To Be A God,” which originally appeared in the aforementioned anthology, Prisoners of Time.

“After the Fall” and “When Angels Weep,”  both of which are part of a larger body of work exploring Angelic themes, and were each originally published by Horrorfind Online, in November of 2002 and April 2003 respectively.

Fearstricken,” and “In the Heart of the Forest,” date back to 1992, originally having been read on the radio program Wings of Desire, on KSUN, the Sonoma State Radio Station, in March.  

“Skinwalker, or The Embrace of Blood,”appeared in the February 2002 edition of the webzine Night Shopping, while “Catseye,” was published in The Swamp’s December/January 2002/2003 issue. “Two Is Not Enough” was an original for this collection.


Val Muller, author of “The Scarred Letter”

Building a Better Monster will leave you checking the shadows…


Victoria Taylor Murray, author of “Thief of Hearts”

An engaging and suspenseful tale


Garrett Peck, Cemetery Dance

Splendidly Wrought!


Jeanne Cocteau, Creature Feature


Danielle Naibert, The Book Reviewer Site


Danielle Naibert, The Book Reviewer Site

Doesn’t stop even after you close the book…


Brian Keene, author of “The Rising,” “City of the Dead,” and “The Conqueror Worms”

Treagus has created a dark fantasy masterpiece. This is one you don’t want to miss!


Ken Kupstis, author of “Clownwhite” and “Voodoo Highway.”



Catherine Russell, author of “The Stage” and “Exit Stage Left”

Treagus… can create a deadly reality